First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2018 wasn’t the best for me, but it certainly wasn’t the worst. My physical health was at its all time lowest, but at least my mental health… stabilised. Anyway, here are some of the little things that made me a little happy this year – ranging from makeup to Instagram accounts to books and songs. The little pieces of joy in this dull, sad world.

What were your favourite things of 2018? Tell me in the comments below!



First we have my absolutely favourite makeup items of 2018 – the INGLOT liquid lipsticks! Everyone loves Jeffree’s lip products, and I did too until I tried these. Now I’m never going back. You see, with Jeffree and any other brand, I have to do the full routine to make liquid lipsticks work. Lip scrub -> lip balm -> lip liner -> lipstick. Otherwise my lips feel parched and the product cracks and looks like the Sahara at noon. These little pieces of magic, however, dry in 3 seconds without making my lips feel dry, look perfect in 1 or 2 coats depending on the colour, stay in place ALL DAY, and DO. NOT. MOVE. AT ALL. I bought shades 15, 18 and 20 so far and I will be definitely coming back for more. Shade 18 is basically the world’s most perfect lipstick.


I’m going to say something shocking so please sit down. I don’t like highlighters. I don’t really GET highlighters. You see, my skin is SUPER OILY, so why would I use a product to make myself look even shinier? You know what my face products are? Let’s see… A mattifying primer, mattifying foundation, 15 different powders, and a lot of fixing spray. I want to be so matte I look fake. I don’t need some shiny shit to ruin all of that. HOWEVER, these little guys are seriously pretty. REALLY pretty. Sparkly, reflective, pigmented… They can even be used as eyeshadows. Now, I still don’t think they look good on ME, but I do love using them anyway! (Whoever designed the packaging should be fired, though. Cardboard? Seriously?!)



3. INGLOT Multi-Action Toner

This is the only thing keeping my oily skin in check. It helps me get rid of any pimples and other imperfections that like to spontaneously appear on me. The pink one for normal skin that I used before was really nice, too, but this one is better suited for me.



SPEAKING OF BEAUTY. I am obsessed with this girl’s makeup skills and outfits. I just wish she’d post more full outfit shots cause her styling skills are unrivaled. Bonus points for being cruelty free and for openly speaking about mental heath issues. I wish I had her talent and courage.

5. DEATHCANDY (Instagram)

In the last two years or so I had many things go wrong with my body for reasons unknown. Everything that could go wrong, did. From hair loss, overall weakness, radom muscle pains, complexion issues to significant weight gain. Looking at this girl is giving me new motivation to work on myself. To go to EVEN MORE doctors. To finally find out what’s causing all that. To work out and eat healthy. I wish my made up face looked as good as deathcandy’s unedited, makeup free pictures. And I wish I could look so feminine and so badass at the same time.


6. Polskie Piekno by Karolina Zebrowska

Karolina is the only English-speaking Polish YouTuber that I watch. (Find her channel here.) That’s not only because she is the only English-speaking Polish YouTuber whose accent doesn’t hurt my ears and cause me physical pain, but also because she has in-depth knowledge of fashion history and she talks about it in an interesting way.
Polish fashion was of course influenced by western trends, but the political and economic situation in the country meant that women often had to be a little more creative than their western colleagues if they wanted to dress up. While there are many publications available on western fashion trends throughout the decades, it is refreshing to finally see an author focusing on Poland in particular.


7. Bohemian Rhapsody 

I watched surprisingly many movies in 2018, from superhero flicks to dramas. There was only one, though, that was so good I immediately wanted to watch it again.

8. McQueen

I don’t even understand how a documentary consisting mainly of slow-paced interviews and vlog-like video tapes could possibly be so fascinating that I literally couldn’t tear my eyes away from the screen. Yet here we are. McQueen, the documentary about one of the greatest geniuses of the century, deserves a spot on this list.¬†

(By the way, I watched it on the plane on my way to Poland for Christmas. It made the flight a little less horrible.)


I feel that I’ve found A LOT of good music in 2018, although most of it was not made in 2018. You see, last year I lost most of my interest in visual kei, and I suddenly found myself with nothing to listen to. So I search YouTube high and low and I discovered so many amazing artists! My playlist includes songs from the singers Lana Del Rey, Marina and the Diamonds, Gin Wigmore, Imelda May, Ivy Levan, Lady Gaga, Lindi Ortega, Meg Myers, Valerie Broussard, Kovacs, Bebe Rexha, Kesha, Lola Blanc, and Tessa Violet. As you can see, there are some big names on the list, and some not so famous ones. I also loved some songs by the bands Dorothy, Fleetwood Mac, Shivaree, Larkin Poe, Hey Violet, Delta Rae, and the Dropkick Murphys. You see a common theme here? With just a few exceptions, most of the artists I listened to are women. I find that recently women in music simply have more to say. They focus on important topics such as mental health, discrimination, and personal and artistic freedom, while men often choose to sing about wiggling butts. Anyway, since most of the songs I listened to were not really from 2018, I’ll post just a few videos that are ACTUALLY from 2018! Here we go!

9. Bebe Rexha, I’m A Mess

10. Gin Wigmore, Girl Gang

What were YOUR favourite songs or movies last year? What little things made you happy? Any products you bought that you were particularly happy with? Let me know in the comments!