Are you guys done with your Christmas shopping? Do you need last minute gift ideas? Do you hate crowds and prefer to shop online? Do you have a witchy friend and have no idea what to get them? Worry not! Here is my subjective WITCHY GIFT GUIDE 2018! When compiling this list, I was looking for traditional and common gifts, such as socks or chocolates, but with a modern witchy flair. Another criteria I took into consideration was usability. I only picked the things that I considered useful (or edible!). No dust-gathering knick-knacks.

What do you guys want to get this Christmas? Or did you already get something for St. Nick’s Day? What did you buy for your family and friends? Or perhaps you’re not doing gifts this year? Tell me in the comments!

1. Unicorn Tears Black Gin Liqueur, available at drinksupermarket (192 PLN / €45 / $51)

Now, unicorns might not really match the theme of this post. A nice bottle of red wine would probably be better. But since I couldn’t find one available for purchase online, why not get a bottle of black gin instead! Definitely a unique gift!

2. Skull sugar cubes by dembones on Etsy (43 PLN / €10 / $11)

Since gorgeous gothic boxes of chocolates are usually available only around Halloween, why not go with there skull sugar cubes instead? They’re available all year round and look amazing!

3. Witch’s brew mug by Mr. Creepy’s Wonder Emporium on Etsy (25 PLN / €8 / $6,60)

A nice little mug for an herbal concoction to drink on a cold winter night. Or hot chocolate, if you like.

4. Book of Spells vegan scented candle by Old Soul Artisan on Etsy (54PLN / €13 / $14)

A scented candle that smells like old books? Yes, please! Can I get a dozen, please?

5. Black rose tea lights by Candy Candlez on Etsy (49 PLN / €11.50 / $13)

If you don’t like scented candles, why not get these Unscented tea lights instead? They look stunning and you get TEN of them for a very affordable price.

6. Moon Child pillow cases from Killstar (109 PLN / €25,50 / $29)

OK, so I don’t own this particular set of pillow cases, but I do own a few Killstar clothing items and a tumbler mug, and I can personally vouch for the high quality of the materials they use. I have no reason to think that their pillow cases would be any different.

7. Milky Way blanket from Killstar (170PLN / €39,50 / $45)

To match the pillows, of course. Besides, who DOESN’T need a blanket in the winter?

8. Hand towels from Haunted Ladies Co. on Etsy (145 PLN / 34 / $39)

You know, for decoration, not to use. For when your relatives come visit you on Christmas. Or just use them if you want. I know I would.

9. Black cat soap by Bath Book and Candle on Etsy (22,50 PLN / €5,20 / $6)

Bath products are such typical Christmas gifts. Of course you could go to the nearest drug store and buy a lovely-looking holiday set. However, why get products filled with palm oil and made by brands that test on animals when you could get these affordable handmade black cat soaps instead?

10. Black bath bomb by Fallen Angel Beauty on Etsy (8.30 PLN / €1.95 / $2.20)

A vegan bath bomb that will “make the water demon soul black”, according to the Etsy listing. Please send me a hundred!

11. Dark Angels face and body scrub from LUSH (56,50 PLN / €13,20 / $14,95)

You simply cannot go wrong with LUSH.

12. Lipstick duo from Black Moon (124 PLN / €29 / $33)

The stunning lipstick + lip topper set is now on sale for $33! This particular set is called Glamour Ghoul, but Black Moon also has other sets available.

13. Occult pouch by WyrdWolf Designs on Etsy (49 PLN / €11,40 / $13)

It comes in 2 different sizes. You could use it as a makeup bag or a pencil case. The shop also has lots of other cute designs available.

14. The Raven infinity scarf by Universal Zone on Etsy (150 PLN / €35 / $40)

I admit I’ve been wanting this for myself for awhile now, and I don’t even wear infinity scarfs.

15. Witchy socks from Killstar (77 PLN / €18 / $20)

Come one, you cannot have a Christmas gift guide without socks! The most typical and common Christmas gift of all!

16. Moon and bat belt from Restyle (79 PLN / €18,40 / $21)

This type of belt can turn any oversized T-shirt into a dress!

17. Solar eclipse wallet by Voideine on Etsy (109 PLN / €25 / $29)

Sleek shape, faux leather, with lots of useful compartments and a space for pictures. What else could you ask for in a wallet?

18. Ouija planchette earrings by iamsonotcool on Etsy (58 PLN / €13,50 / $15,50)

Giving jewellery for Christmas is common but are gold and silver really the only options? Of course not! These adorable Ouija planchette earrings are made of wood and stainless steel, so they should be OK for most people. However, stainless steel can sometimes contain trace amounts of nickel, so be careful if you have a nickel allergy or hypersensitive skin.

19. Crescent moon necklace from Dixi (24 PLN / €5,60 / $6,40)

Buying jewellery or clothes can be tricky because everyone has different taste. This necklace, however, is so simple that it can match almost any outfit and any style!

20. The Witch enamel pin from Maniere Noire (45 PLN / €10,50 / $12)

How cute is this little pin? Lots of other styles available, too!

21. Black cat jewellery stand from Sourpuss (45 PLN / €10,50 / $12)

You can never have too many black cats. Especially such helpful ones that will happily store your rings for you!

22. Stay for a While stationary set by Kind Words Stationary on Etsy (42 PLN / €9,75 / $11)

I know, I know… Nobody writes letters anymore… If you do know somebody who does, though, this letter set will be the perfect gift.

23. Skull Note Cards by Artificialia Room on Etsy (72 PLN / €17 / $19)

Perfect for short messages, like ‘thank you’, ‘happy birthday’, or ‘congratulations’. Or you could use them as invitations. So many possibilities!

24. Spells journal by Black Cat Curio Co on Etsy (78 PLN / €18 / $20,60)

For people who are still in school, or write journals, or make scrapbooks, or make shopping lists. Everyone needs a cute notebook.

25. Feather ballpoint pen by Mystery Leather Gift on Etsy (85,5 PLN / €20 / $23)

And obviously you need a cute pen to write in your new notebook!