Japan is not a big country. With an astounding 11% of the country’s population gathered in the Tokyo Metropolis, you might think there isn’t much to see outside the capital. But it‘s all due to geography! See, Japan is a mountainous country. It consists of areas that are simply not ideal for habitation because accessing them is difficult. Looking at the map of Japan you could assume that everything is close and travelling from place to place takes no time. Efficient Tokyo trains might strengthen this belief. The thing is, to get anywhere outside of major urban areas, you have to drive through mountains. Around the mountains. Up and down the mountains. Through the tunnels piercing the mountains. What does it mean in practice, especially for tourists? Various breathtaking natural sights that are out of their reach unless they’re able and willing to drive. One of them is a waterfall with a tongue twister-like name of Nanatsu-gama-godan, which loosely translates to 7 iron pots and 5 steps, referring to the 7 ponds that the water cascades into. If you feel like going, you can access it by car or by bus (with some buses running only in season). Go here for more information. If not, you can just enjoy the photos! 

The way there – driving

Lake Kawaguchi