From August 9th until August 15th Yokohama was overtaken by 1,500 Pikachus. That’s 500 more than last year. They popped up around the city in various shows, events, and even a parade. A scary parade of a Pikachu army. No, seriously, it’s terrifying to see them all at once.

There were real-life Pokestops, special events for PokemonGO players, and supposedly even a chance to catch the legendary Mewtwo. Also, Pikachus in pink hula skirts dancing to “Mambo no. 5”. Pikachus on ships. Pikachus in the sky. All hail our new overlord, The Yellow Rat!

Enjoy the pictures if you’re brave enough! (Sadly, only smartphone shots because I wasn’t brave enough to bring a big camera into that crowd.)

(And don’t you think for a moment that it was an event for kids. Most of the participants and observers were adults who most definitely went there for themselves.)