I wanted to see Hakone, one of the most popular spots for day trips from Tokyo. Unfortunately, all trains were delayed and I kept missing my connections. It was half an hour past my planned arrival in Hakone, yet I was still definitely in Tokyo. Annoyed, I decided to take the next train only up to Odawara, a small town on the way to my destination. Most travel websites and blogs recommend it as a one-hour stop on your way somewhere further. And they’re quite right. The town is unremarkable, but it does have a beautiful castle worth visiting. Check out my picture diary below!


Odawara Castle

Castle walls

View from the castle tower

Castle information centre

Bridge leading to one of the gates

Stradivarius jeans
necklace by Martyna Wojciechowska for W.Kruk
CCC shoes
the sash came with a pair of Cecil McBee shorts

Castle Park

Am I the only one who absolutely adores water lilies and lotus flowers?

The Spirits of Samurai Exhibition

Photo booth in the Odawara Castle History Museum

The city

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